Firewheel is stimulating, satisfying, feel-good music.  Whether playing rock, country, Americana, or blues, they will light you up and get you moving.  Firewheel kicks out new renditions of late sixties classics, mid-seventies anthems, hot-off-the-press indie music, and  good ol’ southern country rock.  Their three-part harmonies will bring you to tears, and their rich instrumentation and driving rhythms will set your feet on fire.

Seasoned musicians from as far apart as San Francisco, New York City and the Deep South, Firewheel has been performing for more than fifteen years, all around the Bay Area.  They create a sound that is uniquely theirs by the sum of their parts.  With well over 200 songs in their repertoire and continually growing, Firewheel can easily roll through 4+ hours of electrifying music.  Check out one of our upcoming gigs (info to the right).

Catch the fire, take the ‘wheel!